Published On: Wed, Dec 21st, 2016

Save Over $500 on Web App Automation Testing with Selenium Bundle

Selenium WebDriver is one of a best collection for automating web focus testing, permitting developers to save time and income by verifying applications duty scrupulously faster. It’s one of a tip skills we can learn as an determined developer. Wccftech Deals brings a 92% bonus on Web App Automation Testing with Selenium Bundle. Following are some of a courses that are partial of this gold offer. For finish sum and all courses, revisit a Deals page.

Web App Automation Testing with Selenium Bundle for $41

1- Selenium Mastery: Understanding How to Use Selenium, JUnit, and Maven

Uncover a Mysteries of Continuous Integration Become an Automated Tester

  • Access 44 lectures and 5 hours of calm 24/7
  • Learn a apartment of collection to broach Continuous Integration to a team
  • Discuss Selenium WebDriver 2.0
  • Explore JUnit and Maven
  • Discover FireBug and FirePath

2- Complete Selenium Webdriver with C#: Build A Framework

Design Your First Automation Testing Framework Start Towards a Career in Testing

  • Access 353 lectures and 19 hours of calm 24/7
  • Create a Selenium WebDriver horizon from blemish regulating C#
  • Master C# for Software Automation Engineers
  • Learn how to use any marker resource to find an intent on a web page
  • Use a Page Object Pattern to rise high-quality tests
  • Understand automation contrast best practices so we can perform with any tool
  • Work with JSON objects regulating C#

3- Learn Web Automation Testing Using Selenium

Nail Down a Basics of This Essential Development Efficiency Tool

  • Access 30 lectures and 5 hours of calm 24/7
  • Set adult a Selenium complement and plead web automation contrast fundamentals
  • Use web elements in Selenium WebDriver to fast emanate absolute scripts
  • Generate strong exam suites regulating Selenium features
  • Explore modernized techniques and Selenium use with Eclipse
  • Cover TestNG, Log4J, Jenkins, and other critical contrast frameworks

4- Selenium WebDriver With Java

Get a Complete Overview of a Web Automation Testing Process with Real Examples

  • Access 204 lectures and 32 hours of calm 24/7
  • Learn how to formula in Java
  • Explore TestNG, Selenium grid, Log4J, Maven, Jenkins, and more
  • Understand database testing, opening testing, and function driven contrast regulating Cucumber
  • Discuss modernized stating and regulating a Page Object Model

Original value: $549 | Wccftech Deals: $41 during 92% discount

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