Published On: Thu, Apr 6th, 2017

Save Apple ID Password for Free Apps in Mac App Store – Here’s How

Even if we are downloading a giveaway app, a Mac App Store requires we to enter your Apple ID cue each singular time. Here’s how we can save your cue and skip by a difficulty for good.

Save Your Password for Free Purchases on Mac App Store

While there are many opposite apps and games accessible to download from a Mac App Store, a routine of downloading can get a small irritating when we comprehend that we are compulsory to enter your cue each singular time even if we want a giveaway square of software. Thankfully though, Apple acknowledges this as an distrurbance and has baked in a underline within a Mac App Store, permitting we to save your cue and download a giveaway things though worrying about entering your pivotal credential over and over again.


1. Launch a Mac App Store from a Dock or Launchpad.

2. Sign in with your Apple ID into a Mac App Store if we haven’t already. Simply click on a Store choice in a menu bar and pointer right in.

3. Once sealed in, click on a App Store symbol in a menu bar afterwards click on Preferences. Refer to a screenshot below.

4. See that Free Downloads choice during a end? Open it adult afterwards name Save Password. You competence be compulsory to enter your cue once we do.

5. Close a Preferences window and try downloading a giveaway app now. It will start downloading though any arrange of cue during all.

While this underline is positively handy, though do keep one thing in mind: if we have a child during home who loves downloading apps and games on your Mac, afterwards a Save Password choice indeed gave him/her a freehand during downloading anything they like. So do not be astounded if we come home one day to find a ton of apps and games vital in a Launchpad.

You always have a choice to return this change. Simply follow a above stairs again and name Require Password in a final step. Though, utterly frankly, we would suggest gripping it during a Save Password position. The preference of this underline is only definite on a grand scale.

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