Published On: Thu, Aug 13th, 2020

Sarah Cooper — famous for her impressions of Donald Trump on TikTok — only landed a Netflix deal

For writer-comedian Sarah Cooper, a pestilence hasn’t been so terrible. In fact, by creation a best of a lousy conditions — in this case, opening a TikTok comment while sheltering in place and mouth syncing to a often-bizarre ramblings of Donald Trump to underscore their stupidity — she has turn an opening for a nation that has mostly found itself seeking while examination a Trump presser: “Is this real, what I’m seeing?”

Now, in further to a millions of online supporters she has amassed given March, Cooper — a Jamaican American who once worked during Google — has landed a Netflix comedy special.

Titled “Sarah Cooper: Everything’s Fine,” a author and writer Natasha Lyonne is set to approach a production, and it will be executive constructed by a comic-actor Maya Rudolph (who will herself be increasingly busy, reprising her purpose on “Saturday Night Live” as Senator Kamala Harris).

It’s only a latest — and biggest — plume in a top for Cooper, who lives in New York with a program operative father whom she has kiddingly described as using out of calm with her Trump schtick. He “has to hear Donald Trump’s voice over and over again,” as she told Vanity Fair this summer. “I consider he’s substantially going to burst out a window during some point.”

Cooper also recently sealed with a talent group WME, seemed on “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon in June, and yesterday, even guest-hosted “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

Her digression (below) hilariously skewers her former employer, incidentally. “People always ask me if it was fun to work during Google, and it was fun. we knew we was carrying fun since they kept revelation me how most fun we should have any quarter, or else we would be fired.”

According to that VF interview, Cooper’s other TV ambitions embody essay a uncover about an overly assured trainer who “fucks adult all over a place and still somehow fails up.”

It isn’t transparent if this Netflix special scratches that itch, though no doubt copiousness of Trump detractors — and some supporters — will be gripping an eye out to see what it does feature. While Netflix isn’t pity many specifics, it does contend a prolongation will be a accumulation special whose several vignettes understanding “with issues of politics, race, gender, class, and other light subjects.”

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