Published On: Sat, Apr 18th, 2020

Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch app reminds we to rinse your damn hands, dummy

A few months ago, a thought of a hand-washing app would have seemed trivial, during best. We’re all adults here, right? We’ve been soaking a hands a whole lives. But things change. It’s mid-April and we’re fearful to go outward and rivet with other humans — and consummate hand-washing is one of really few collection we have in a common arsenal.

Life, am we right?

According to Samsung, “a tiny organisation of designers and developers from Samsung Research Institute-Bangalore, or SRI-B’s UX and wearable teams, worked round-the-clock over a final dual weeks to come adult with a resolution that helps we keep healthy and safe.”

They came out a other side with Hand Wash, a Galaxy Watch app designed to remind wearers to rinse their hands for during slightest 20 seconds. There are preset intervals for a reminders, that can be customized by a wearer. The app gives a hum during a finish of 25 seconds — a additional 5 seconds were tacked on for a focus of soap.

The app marks washings and shows a volume of time that’s elapsed given we final washed. It’s a kind of things that would be positively crazy-making normally, though these days are anything but. It’s accessible now for download in a Galaxy Store.

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