Published On: Sun, Apr 19th, 2020

Samsung’s new ‘eco’ TV make-up transforms into cat houses, shelves and repository racks

Here’s a good thing. It’s not insubordinate or life-changing, though it’s nice. And right now we can all use a small bit of nice. Earlier this month, Samsung announced an further to a line of “eco-packing” that will spin TV boxes in a far-reaching accumulation of opposite “furniture.” we use seat in quotes here since it is, in fact, still cardboard.

As someone who has remade a box or dual into a square of pet preserve in his time, however, I’m flattering on-board with a whole thing.

It’s a bit like Nintendo Labo for grownups, with a QR formula that unlocks instructions for transforming a containers into a far-reaching operation of opposite objects, including shelves, repository racks and even cat houses. The longevity of any will be wholly contingent on use and your specific cat.

To start, a boxes will be used to boat The Serif, Frame and Sero TV models. They’ll be selling with a TVs starting this month. Samsung’s proceed warranted it a CES Innovation Award behind in January. 

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