Published On: Wed, Aug 2nd, 2017

Samsung’s Bixby Assistant is Cool But It Seems To Be Getting On Nerves For Some Users

Samsung recently rolled out a English denunciation chronicle of Bixby Voice service. Most of a Galaxy S8 and S8+ users were vehement to get a much-awaited Bixby aboard. However, given then, a response of some users has not been enlivening for Samsung’s voice assistant. There is an whole Reddit thread with annoying maybe humorous Bixby stories posted by unknown users.

These stories divulge a voice assistant’s over a tip proceed to assistance users. One such story on Reddit is posted by a counsel explaining how Bixby kept interrupting her shutting matter during a court. She wrote that her Galaxy S8 smartphone was in her jacket’s slot when Bixby began articulate even yet a phone was on wordless mode. The voice partner kept repeating this matter – “I’m carrying trouble, greatfully tell me your written password.” It went on until a counsel took out a phone and incited it off.

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Other Galaxy S8 users on a thread claimed that a Bixby Voice on their device mostly triggers on a possess during automobile rides while listening to a radio or articulate to a other newcomer in a car. Among several confessions, a one that surfaced a charts was by a user “pandasgorawr”, who was in a assembly with a customer and Bixby Voice got triggered by some word that a customer spoke, searched for an essay on Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) and started reading it. Well, that contingency have been fun though.

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We know that not each story on Reddit or amicable media should be regarded as a law and contingency always be taken with a splash of salt as unknown users mostly post them. However, it contingency also be borne in mind that these stories are personal accounts of an particular and that’s because many of them select to be anonymous. Like in a box of a counsel who does not wish to peep her name on Reddit as a story is about how her shutting matter during justice was interrupted by a voice partner on her phone.

Are we confronting identical issues with your Bixby assistant? Share your thoughts in a comments territory below.

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