Published On: Wed, Jun 27th, 2018

Samsung will substantially betray a Note 9 on Aug 9

Those Galaxy Note 9 rumors have been entrance quick and mad in new weeks, and now we know why. Samsung only sent out invites for a subsequent large eventuality in New York City, and a dear phablet seems all yet guaranteed to uncover up. The timeframe positively lines up.

The pen-enabled device was initial announced during IFA behind in 2011, and while a association has changed divided from a trade uncover toward a possess theatre in new years, announcements have some-more or reduction stayed within that August/September timeframe. And holding a eventuality on Aug 9, well, that’s expected some-more than only a numerological coincidence. As if all that weren’t acknowledgment enough, a handset appears to have also recently upheld by a FCC (alongside a Tab S3 tablet), a surefire pointer that it’s only over a horizon.

The phone was a theme of a large trickle progressing this week, that hinted during an refurbish to a line’s iconic S Pen stylus. Exact sum are flattering skinny during a moment, yet one leaker called it “the biggest update” in a peripheral’s history, for what that’s worth. And a tighten adult shot on this morning’s invites do seem to endorse a concentration on a stylus. Samsung has polished a S Pen’s essay complement in a 7 years given a initial device was announced, yet it’s mostly taken a behind chair to things like shade pattern and camera specs.

Otherwise, however, Note 9 reports paint a design of sincerely teenager upgrades over a Note 8, with copiousness of facilities cribbed from a S9 announced behind in Feb during Mobile World Congress.

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