Published On: Fri, Jan 15th, 2021

Samsung unveils a newest Tile competitor, a Galaxy SmartTag

Alongside a other CES announcements, during Samsung’s Unpacked eventuality currently a association introduced a new Galaxy SmartTag Bluetooth locator, a mislaid object guide for Samsung owners and a aspirant with Tile. Like Tile and Apple’s stirring AirTags, a guide can be trustworthy to keys, a bag, a pet’s collar or anything else we wish to track. Initially, these SmartTags will use Bluetooth to promulgate with a circuitously Samsung device, however, a association reliable an ultra-wideband (UWB) powered chronicle called a SmartTag+ will arrive after this year.

The latter would concede a SmartTag to improved contest with Apple’s AirTags, that are also approaching to take advantage of newer iPhones’ UWB capabilities. Tile, in expectation of this news, has already developed a UWB tracker nearing after this year, as well.

The SmartTag announced today, a Galaxy SmartTag, will use Bluetooth and there is usually one categorical SKU — not a operation of products in opposite sizes or configurations. However, a tracker will be sole in dual tone variations: Black and Oatmeal.

The tracker works with any Galaxy device, a Samsung repute told us, as prolonged as a device runs Android 10 or later.

Device owners can afterwards locate a blank object with a SmartTag trustworthy regulating a SmartThings Find app.

Tile to launch a new tracker powered by ultra-wideband technology, supplement AR anticipating to app

This works identical to Tile and other BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) trackers. When a SmartTag is offline — meaning, divided from a Galaxy S21 or other device — it sends a BLE vigilance that can be rescued by circuitously Galaxy devices. When detected, a device will send a circuitously plcae information to a SmartThings Fine app so we can locate a item. Samsung says a SmartThings Find user information is encrypted and firmly protected, so your plcae and personal information is protected when we remove your device and use a app to hunt for it.

The app will also offer a accumulation of locating tools, including a “Notify me when it’s found” option, as good as “Search Nearby,” “Search” and “Ring” tools. Like Tile, we can also use a SmartTag to locate a blank phone. In this case, we pull a Galaxy SmartTag symbol twice to accept an warning to assistance locate a blank phone.

The tab can also be customized to do other things when pushed once, so we could simply spin on your lights or TV when we lapse home, for example.

Ahead of a announcement, regulatory papers showed a tracker as a somewhat chunkier chronicle of Tile’s trackers, powered by a CR2032 dungeon battery, with Bluetooth connectivity. (We’ve reliable a battery is, in fact, a user-replaceable CR2032.)

A Samsung repute could not yield us with a central and minute tech specs for a device forward of a proclamation today, though we’ll refurbish if a association total it out. Unfortunately, but a reliable sum like possibly a battery is user-replaceable, for example, or what a operation is, it’s formidable to make a correct comparison to a existent trackers on a market. (You can’t always go off leaks alone here, either, as they aren’t always an denote of a final product. But a regulatory filings are expected a good starting point.)

To foster adoption, Samsung is giving divided a new trackers around name pre-orders. From Jan 14-28, 2021, consumers who pre-order a Galaxy S21 Ultra will get a $200 Samsung Credit and a giveaway Galaxy SmartTag. That could assistance a inclination benefit a small some-more traction, as Samsung’s prior investments in tracking gadgets, including a 2018 LTE-based SmartThings tracking fobs, never unequivocally held on.

Outside a pre-order promotion, a SmartTags will cost $29.99 away and will be sole starting Jan 29th.

This is somewhat steeper than Tile’s entry-level Bluetooth tracker, a Tile Mate, that retails for $24.99.

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