Published On: Thu, Aug 13th, 2015

Samsung Touts Video Chops With Two More Big Screen Phones

As expected (and abundantly leaked), Samsung has currently churned behind a shade on a span of new flagship smartphones, announcing dual new phablets: a Galaxy Note 5 (pictured above) and a Galaxy S6 Edge+ during press events in New York and London.

The concentration for Samsung here is bigger handsets that can do some-more with multimedia content, vouchsafing a user make use of additional screen real-estate for video modifying or live streaming, or multitasking with mixed calm windows on screen.

The Korean hulk doesn’t routinely dump flagship smartphones in Aug though is presumably anticipating to sow the limelight by announcing new pack in what is typically a idle month for tech news — before a hype cycle spins adult again come September, when Apple typically unboxes new iPhones. (In a event, Chinese mobile builder Xiaomi stole a impetus on Samsung’s phablet new by announcing a possess pair of newbies progressing today.)

Here’s a discerning outline of a new additions to Samsung’s handset Galaxy, that will be alighting in some 7,000 sell stores in a U.S. for preview starting from tomorrow (but on sale globally after this month):

Galaxy Note 5

The Galaxy Note 5 is a sequel to a 5.7-inch arrangement Note 4, that launched behind in Sep 2014. The arrangement stays a same distance (and same quad-HD res), though RAM has been beefed adult to 4GB.

The pattern has also been tweaked to be thinner and slimmer, with a narrower bezel and winding back. The behind camera is still 16MP, though there’s now 5MP on a front. Both are f1.9.

  1. Note5 GALAXY S6 edge+

  2. Note 5

The S-Pen stylus has also had an refurbish — with an “all new” design, and, says Samsung, softened essay capabilities (albeit it pronounced that during a final Note update…), including the ability to jot down info even when a shade is off.

Users can also now explain PDF files regulating a S-Pen, and constraint a whole website from tip to bottom using a Scroll Capture feature. And a coop is easier to remove from a kennel inside a Note, interjection to a “one click” descent mechanism.

Available colorways for a Note 5 are “Black Sapphire” and “White Pearl”. There are 32GB and 64GB variants (but no microSD label container — a cause that’s going to continue to abrade on long-time Samsung fans).

Galaxy S6 Edge+

The Galaxy S6 Edge+ updates one of dual new flagships Samsung unboxed behind in Mar during a Mobile World Congress trade uncover — namely the S6 Edge.

The flagship underline of that handset was a shade with winding edges. Those curves brief over now to the S6 Edge+ though a altogether distance of a shade has also been increasing to phablet distance — so it’s been bumped adult from 5.1 inches to 5.7 inches. As with a S6 Edge, a winding edges can be used as a by-pass from any shade to access top contacts and apps, by swiping along a edge. The S6 Edge already had a hit shortcuts, though this time you’ll be means to pin your favorite apps as well.

As with a Note 5, RAM has also been increased to 4GB. And the rear camera is 16MP, with a 5MP lens on a front.

Available colorways for a S6 Edge+ are “Black Sapphire” and “Gold Platinum” (below). And there are also 32GB and 64GB variants (but again no microSD label slot).

  1. GALAXY S6 edge+

  2. Samsung Unpacked 2015 NYC 04

  3. Samsung Unpacked 2015 NYC 06

  4. IMG_1941

  5. IMG_1943

  6. IMG_1945

  7. IMG_1946

  8. IMG_1949

  9. IMG_1952

  10. IMG_1953

  11. P1040108

  12. P1040109

  13. P1040112

  14. P1040113


Multimedia focus

Both inclination competition improved video stabilization when sharpened from a front or behind camera, according to Samsung.  There’s also a new video collage mode that allows users to fire and revise brief videos some-more easily, adding several frames and effects. And a 4K Video filming underline to record calm for 4K TVs.

A full HD Live Broadcast choice lets users instantly tide video true from a phone to any individual, organisation of contacts, or by YouTube Live — a la live streaming apps like Meerkat and Periscope. While Samsung touts other camera and audio improvements such as a discerning launch underline (by double clicking a home symbol from any shade to burst into a camera), and support for UHQA for richer audio quality.

Both handsets also support Samsung Pay — a company’s forthcoming NFC and captivating secure delivery mobile remuneration tech that it’s backing adult as an Apple Pay rival.

There’s also embedded wireless charging on both, but wireless horse pads aren’t enclosed — so that’s an additional appendage you’d have to have or buy yourself.

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