Published On: Fri, Jan 8th, 2021

Samsung simplifies with a lower-priced reward Chromebook

Happy roughly CES! Sure, a year’s biggest consumer wiring uncover hasn’t strictly kicked off, but, well, what do such capricious signposts unequivocally meant in a year like 2021, right? Samsung only forsaken what’s roughly positively one of a biggest pieces of news for a show, with a attainment of a Galaxy Chromebook 2.

The two-in-one follows roughly a year to a day after a proclamation of a original. It appears to share a satisfactory bit of a attract of a predecessor, though particularly has a much-improved cost point. This time out a Chrome OS-powered unstable starts during a distant some-more reasonable $549 — down from $999.

Image Credits: Samsung

Mind you, that’s for a one regulating a 10th-gen Intel Celeron processor. If we wish a Core i3, that starts during $699. It’s a bit of a jump, though a improved starting indicate for users looking during a product as a day-to-day machine. And besides, it’s still significantly reduction costly than a original. Keep in mind here that final year’s indication started with an i5 — that is to contend a cost dump comes with a bit of a processor downgrade.

Battery life was an emanate on a strange and is still a bit of a doubt here. The device now sports a QLED arrangement (which Samsung claims is “world’s first” for a Chromebook), rather than a original’s 4K AMOLED, that could go a ways toward improving longevity.

The changes between a initial and second-gen product are a flattering transparent indicator that companies are still perplexing to figure out precisely what a “premium Chromebook” entails. After all, it wasn’t all that prolonged ago that a word was a bit of an oxymoron. The company’s computing GM Shoneel Kolhatkar sums adult a ubiquitous suspicion routine here flattering good in a compared press announcement:

Many kids grew adult regulating Chromebooks in school, and as they enter a workforce, their needs evolve, they’re looking for premium, absolute hardware that can rouse that discerning Google experience. We designed a Galaxy Chromebook 2 with these users in mind, holding a renouned facilities from Galaxy Chromebook—incredible visuals, good specs, and beautiful pattern and color—and bringing them to a wider bottom of customers.

In a sense, Samsung is holding a identical tour as a one Google done from a Pixelbook to a Pixelbook Go. And with Google flattering still on that front for a moment, there’s a decent-sized marketplace opening for Samsung here.

The Galaxy Chromebook 2 arrives after this quarter, sporting a 13.3-inch display, 4/8GB of RAM and 64/128GB of storage. And yes, it still comes in “Fiesta Red” or gray, if we prefer.

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