Published On: Sun, Feb 26th, 2017

Samsung only valid it doesn’t need a world’s largest mobile discussion anymore

Mobile World Congress is underway in Barcelona. By many metrics it’s a largest discussion in a universe dedicated mostly to mobile record and gadgets. And Samsung only punted. Mobile World Congress needs Samsung some-more than Samsung needs Mobile World Congress.

Samsung only hold a MWC press discussion and what’s engaging is what wasn’t announced: The Galaxy S8. Instead, Samsung chose to announce several passé tablets and a new VR headset, since in a finish Samsung doesn’t need a third celebration to trickery interest.

Yet during a presser, Samsung sent out an entice announcing a S8’s announcement, that will occur Mar 29 in New York City. Said another way, Samsung announced an proclamation during another announcement.

MWC, CES, E3 and each other industry-specific eventuality like automobile shows have prolonged existed to move manufacturers and distributers together underneath one event. C-suite executives from both sides accommodate in hotel bedrooms and bars and internal golf courses and discuss about how they can work together. The press only shows adult for a ride.

Samsung isn’t a initial to lift behind from announcing flagship inclination during an courtesy trade event. Apple stopped regulating Macworld as a launch height years ago — and a eventuality dry and died since of it. Even Microsoft used Comdex to betray vital facilities including Window’s USB support.

The thought is to gaunt on these trade event’s vicious mass of fans, press and courtesy insiders. But eventually a few companies grow so large, like Salesforce and Apple, that they have to start throwing their possess events to mislay themselves from a timeline commanded by trade events.

Samsung’s mobile devision has been teetering on wanting their possess eventuality for years. The association attempted to lift this off in a past with a Galaxy S4 launch. That phone was announced with a cheesy and sexist off-Broadway event. It was terrible. Just so bad. Samsung returned to MWC to announce a S5, S6 and S7.

But not a S8.

There could be several reasons why. Perhaps a timing of MWC is wrong this year and a S8 indispensable a few some-more weeks in a oven. Or maybe Samsung motionless to mislay itself from a scrum of Mobile World Congress to curate a opposite experience. The reason is irrelevant. Samsung doesn’t need to launch a S8 during a trade event. It will have no problem removing a whole courtesy to compensate courtesy for a S8 launch.

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