Published On: Fri, Apr 29th, 2022

Samsung is creation a Pokémon phone since because not

Are we looking to buy a folding smartphone? Do we wish it to be Pokémon-themed? And do we live in South Korea?

If all those stars are aligned only right, do we have some good news for you: Samsung is creation a Pokémon Edition of a Galaxy Z Flip 3.

They somehow motionless to not make this folding phone demeanour like a Pokédex … a device that is extravagantly critical within a Pokémon star and, which, we know, folds. They did embody a Pokédex-themed necklace pouch, that overtly only creates me a small some-more angry since it means they know a Pokédex is a thing.

Instead, they’re shipping it with swappable behind cases lonesome in copiousness of Pikachus, and some other accessories, including a PopSocket-style Pokéball stand, a Pikachu tail keychain, and Pokémon-themed ringtones and wallpapers pre-loaded on a device. If you’re meditative it kinda seems like they only stranded a scarcely year-old phone in a box with some Pokémon things and called it a day … formed on what they’ve shown so far, I’d be prone to agree.

As speckled by Engadget, it looks like Samsung will betray some-more sum on Apr 25 once a timer on this page expires.

One of those as-of-yet undisclosed sum is a price, though deliberation that a customary Galaxy Z Flip 3 still goes for $1,000 unlocked, we wouldn’t design a singular book run to go for reduction than that.

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