Published On: Mon, Sep 14th, 2020

Samsung is holding nonetheless another Unpacked Event on Sep 23

One thing I’ll contend for in-person events: they compelled companies to squeeze in a lot of news. After all, if you’re going to ask an auditorium full of people to transport from around a nation — or universe — we wish to give them a lot of crash for their buck.

Samsung did conduct that with a Galaxy Note eventuality in early August. We got a new phone, new earbuds, new watch, new inscription and a preview of an arriving foldable. A integrate of weeks ago, a association clinging an whole second eventuality to a new Fold. And now here we are, a integrate of weeks later, staring down nonetheless another event.

Samsung’s new Galaxy Fold arrives Sep 18 for $2,000

The Sep 23 eventuality will expected concentration on a Galaxy S20 Fan Edition that’s been floating around in leaks for a few months now, a proceed Samsung inclination tend to. I’m not observant there won’t be a garland of other news during a eventuality as well, though a Fold eventuality lowered my expectations a bit with courtesy to what a association deems estimable of a standalone eventuality in 2020, versus, say, arising a press recover or something.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra review

Anyway, a supposed “Fan Edition” finds a association picking adult a long-abandoned trend of arising lower-cost alternatives to flagship inclination (notably, a refurbished chronicle of a Note 7).

Here it seems to be a lower-priced take on Samsung’s primary flagship, a Galaxy S20. From a sound of it, a device is radically a rebranding of a “Lite” line — a latest take on an already treacherous proceed to a bill flagship offerings.

We’ll find out some-more Sep 23 during 7 a.m. PT/10 a.m. ET.

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