Published On: Thu, Jun 25th, 2015

Samsung Galaxy S7 Will Not Be Released This Year

Only recently, it was reported that Samsung was prepping to hurl out a inheritor of a Galaxy S6 twin during a second half of 2015, Galaxy S7. The smartphone was approaching to be using a company’s tradition core though sadly, a recover of this sold handset is not going to be witnessed this year, that usually means that your high spirits will have to come acrobatics down interjection to a fake rumor. However, on a lighter note, we guys will still be means to declare a recover of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Will Not Be Released This Year

According to Business Korea, Samsung Electronics Marketing Division had settled in an talk that:

“There is no change in a routine to recover products on schedule, including a S series.”

In short, your money saving habits will substantially have to continue for a while longer given we already know that Samsung’s image is apropos full with a approaching launch of Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and Galaxy Note 5. Galaxy S7 could have been possible, though afterwards it would have purposeless given it would underline a same 14 nm FinFET SoC that a Galxay S6 twin and Galaxy Note 5 would be comprised adult of.

Samsung’s arriving flagship phablet will many approaching be holding on Apple’s iPhone 6s duo, that will underline mobile chipsets made on a same 14 nm FinFET process, definition that we are going to declare a strife of mobile titans in a nearby future.

Samsung is approaching to recover Galaxy S6 Edge Plus during a month of September, followed by a recover of Galaxy Note 5. This is going to be a same month where a Cupertino tech hulk will also be gearing adult to betray a rarely expected smartphone duo. Things are about to get exhilarated adult in a nearby future, and like always, we will be here to yield we with consistent updates.

Image source: Phone Arena

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