Published On: Tue, Nov 7th, 2017

Salesforce and Google are a latest pals in a cloud

Salesforce and Google inked a understanding currently that could yield easier formation between Salesforce collection and Google’s G Suite and Google Analytics. It also named Google as a elite cloud provider for a core services as partial of a general infrastructure expansion.

The elite provider partial competence sound informed since in May, 2016, Salesforce sealed a identical understanding with AWS with Salesforce fixing AWS… wait for it… yes, a elite cloud provider, one that also had an eye on general infrastructure expansion.

I suspect there’s zero to forestall Salesforce from carrying dual general elite providers, and AWS stays a Salesforce partner,  though it could leave them feeling a bit on a outward looking in today. Microsoft competence be feeling it, as well, since partial of a understanding with Google creates G Suite, Salesforce’s elite email and capability provider. Of course, Salesforce continues to have integrations with Outlook and Office 365, though a association could be promulgation Microsoft a summary here.

You competence remember that Microsoft and Salesforce done friends in 2014 when a dual companies announced they were going to have likewise vast formation plans. You can tell it was a vast day since Satya Nadella and Marc Benioff were smiling and happy.

Photo: Marc Benioff

Nadella even came to Dreamforce, Salesforce’s patron spectacular a following year, though things began to green when Microsoft began to pierce in on Salesforce’s domain with a recover of Dynamics 365 integrated cloud height in July, 2016. Then a following September, it won a HP, Inc. CRM business from Salesforce  (and bragged about it). Salesforce attempted unsuccessfully to get regulators to retard a $26 billion understanding to buy LinkedIn. The dual companies are still operative together, though it seems a attribute competence have cooled a bit.

And maybe a finish outcome of all that tit for tat was Salesforce bought Quip final year for $750 million to pierce a possess partnership collection to a Salesforce height — and motionless to build a warmer attribute with AWS and Google.

Several collection are accessible today, including Salesforce Lightning connectors for GMail and Google Sheets along with Quip Live Apps for Google Drive and Google Calendar. Live Apps, that were announced only this morning, yield live connectors for two-way updating between a apps and Quip. The companies also announced Salesforce Hangout Meets, that integrates Salesforce CRM information inside Google Hangouts Meet spaces.

As for a analytics part, Constellation Research owner and principal researcher Ray Wang says this is about Salesforce battling Adobe for a analytics business. Adobe Analytics and a Adobe Experience Cloud are both rivals of Salesforce selling and analytics tools, and by teaming adult with Google, Salesforce hopes to boost a analytics partial of a business.

Today, Google is looking to pierce into a longing advantages from all of a domestic wrangling by apropos a elite partner, whatever that entails. It also gains some of a longing credit it is longing by trait of a attribute with Salesforce, a proven longing program vendor, as it tries to pull Google Cloud Platform deeper inside vast companies.

The understanding is clearly a win for both sides, and while a other players concerned aren’t accurately losers as they sojourn Salesforce partners, Google is a goddess of a ball, during slightest for today.

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