Published On: Tue, Mar 17th, 2020

Rumour: Sony Could Be Raiding Konami For Castlevania, Metal Gear And Silent Hill IP

Castlevania 4

Konami and Nintendo go behind a long way. It’s rarely disputable either a former would have enjoyed a success it has had over a years though a NES, as titles such as Castlevania, Gradius and Contra all found a receptive assembly on a system. Likewise, we could disagree that a NES (not to discuss a SNES and Game Boy) benefitted massively from Konami’s glorious software.

However, if a new report is to be believed – and we should substantially indicate out that we’re really most on a blockade right now – afterwards Nintendo’s tie with some of Konami’s pivotal franchises is in risk of being severed completely.

Reports seeping out of 4chan (yes, we know) have settled that Sony is looking to squeeze a Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill and Castlevania IP from Konami. The source isn’t one we’d routinely give any courtesy too, though a engaging thing is that a website Jack of All Controllers has settled that a story has been accurate by “other sources”. Add to this a report that Sony is actively appropriation new Silent Hill titles, and what was formerly easily-dismissable report unexpected becomes something estimable of a small some-more care (exactly how most some-more is adult for debate).

Indeed, as a aged observant goes, there’s no fume though fire. Konami isn’t a association it once was and has shifted a concentration divided from AAA console growth onto smartphone games, PES and a peculiar low-budget, suppositional effort, such as Super Bomberman R and Contra: Rogue Corps. Its try to precedence Metal Gear though creator Hideo Kojima gave us a gloomy Metal Gear Survive, and it hasn’t finished anything suggestive with Castlevania or Silent Hill for years. An appealing offer from Sony could good remonstrate a association to partial with these important franchises, generally if some kind of kingship arrangement was on a table. It’s also value observant that it was Sony and not Konami that did a complicated lifting on a new Requiem collection for a PS4, that maybe shows how most Sony thinks of a Castlevania array as a whole.

But, behind in a genuine world, we’re not entirely certain this will come to pass. Perhaps Sony has done an offer, and word has gotten out. Does that meant Konami would contend yes? That’s maybe not as likely, generally as Castlevania still carries some weight (as evidenced by a well-received Netflix charcterised series) and Metal Gear could adult fasten a likes of Sonic and Detective Pikachu as a box bureau success in a nearby future.

Should we be filing this one underneath ‘wishful fanboy thinking’, given that Sony owning Metal Gear could potentially open a approach adult for Kojima operative on a array again? Or do we consider it’s exactly a kind of thing that a Konami of 2020 would do? Let us know with a comment.

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