Published On: Tue, Nov 26th, 2019

Rumour: Nintendo Has Three Metroid Games In The Works, According To Leak Group


If there’s one array that roughly always has us unfortunate for more, it’s Metroid. It’s (potentially) propitious then, that a latest rumours advise a whole lot of Metroid adore is headed a way.

Self-professed gaming trickle group, LeakyPandy, has common an refurbish to amicable media that talks of Nintendo’s ostensible skeleton for a Metroid series. In a message, LeakyPandy says that a gaming hulk is formulation to recover dual new games “in a subsequent dual mercantile years respectively”: a fugitive Metroid Prime Trilogy HD that has been rumoured for a while now, and a Super Metroid reconstitute that “mimics Samus Returns in character and scope”. These would presumably be in further to a reliable growth of Metroid Prime 4.

LeakyPandy has a rather leaky record when it comes to removing things correct, with a series of Nintendo Direct predictions branch out to be accurate and countless other claims being significantly reduction so. We’ll let we confirm either or not we place any trust in this latest rumour, though a HD trilogy claim, during least, does sound plausible.

Earlier this year, comparison publisher Imran Khan remarkable that Metroid Prime Trilogy HD was ostensible to be announced around a time of a 2018 Game Awards, suggesting that a Metroid Prime 4 reboot was to censure for a remarkable disappearance. Between that and a store listings that seemed final year, it’s positively tough to write it off.

Would we like to see a dual Metroid games discussed above strike store shelves? Do we consider this gossip is expected to happen, or one for a omit pile? Share your thoughts with us below.

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