Published On: Mon, Oct 9th, 2017

RPCS3 Now Allows for High Resolution Rendering Up To 10K, Anisotropic Filtering and More

RPCS3, a open source PlayStation 3 emulator, now allows for high fortitude digest adult to a now violent fortitude of 10K. Performance is reportedly good as prolonged as your GPU supports Vulkan.

Not usually that, though a developers have also combined anisotropic filtering and devise to supplement correct anti-aliasing, hardness scaling and maybe even diversion specific rags in a future.

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You can take a demeanour during this conspicuous refurbish in movement in a video embedded below, that showcases games like Demon’s Souls, Yakuza 4, Ni No Kuni, Catherine and others using with many larger fidelity.

The video showcases several renouned titles with a corresponding comparison from 720p (native PS3 resolution) to 4k digest with 16x anisotropic filtering in RPCS3. The disproportion is utterly implausible in titles that have high peculiarity assets. There is a lot of fact that usually wasn’t manifest during 720p. This underline is accessible for each PlayStation 3 diversion using on RPCS3. The usually difference being that it does not nonetheless work with Strict Rendering Mode. Games that need this environment will have to wait a bit longer before they can advantage from high fortitude rendering.


Rendering a diversion in high resolutions such as 4k, while beautiful, is utterly fatiguing on your hardware and there is mostly a large strike in performance. However, given many of a effort for RPCS3 is on a CPU and GPU use is low, there is a lot of untapped opening usually watchful to be used. All estimate is finished CPU side, and as distant as a GPU is endangered it is simply digest 2006 epoch graphics (yes, a PS3 is 11 years aged now). We’re happy to news that anyone with a dedicated graphics label that has Vulkan support can expect identical opening during 4K.

Anisotropic Filtering (AF)

High fortitude support wasn’t a usually thing that was combined in this update! Another reason for such a large ascent in visible fealty is carrying full 16x AF support. This severely improves how textures can look, generally when noticed during an angle.

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Closing Words

High fortitude digest is usually a tip of a iceberg when it comes to improving graphics quality. In a future, we will see tradition anti-aliasing, hardness scaling algorithms, and maybe even diversion specific rags by a community. Of course, work also continues with improving a emulator correctness and ubiquitous opening to capacitate some-more games to run, and to run well. If we like in-depth technical reports, early entrance to information, or we simply wish to contribute, cruise apropos a patron! All donations are severely appreciated. As of final month, RPCS3 now has dual full-time coders that severely advantage from a continued support of over 600 inexhaustible patrons.

If we wish to support RPCS3, we can do so around a Patreon page.

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