Published On: Sat, Oct 7th, 2017

Rogue Trooper Redux Hands-on Preview – Back in Action

It’s been over 10 years given Rogue Trooper launched on Xbox and PlayStation 2, giving us a initial ambience of Nu-Earth and a pell-mell crusade that a Genetic Infantrymen contingency withstand. Now, we can go behind to Nu-Earth and get a punish we wish in Rogue Trooper Redux, a code new refurbish to a classical third chairman shooter that’ll see it launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

The initial pier of call for Rebellion and TickTock Games when remaking Rogue Trooper was ensuring that a graphics looked modern. Not only a elementary encouragement of textures and geometry from several generations ago, yet a finish update, with code new textures, lighting and effects work throughout, bringing Rogue Trooper resolutely into a complicated generation.

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More than only graphics have altered in a final 10 years though, of course. Rogue Trooper Redux facilities some code new control methods – cover-based shooters were in their decline when Rogue Trooper strike a market, and a landscape has altered utterly a bit given then. Creature-comforts such as gnawing to cover and new controls when in cover have updated a diversion and done it many some-more healthy to play for complicated gamers.

The plain blue Genetic Infantryman competence not be a many sparkling hero, yet a goal he contingency commence is anything yet unimpressive. Dropping down from orbit, crashing into a membrane of a world and afterwards sharpened down some trigger-happy enemies that have a side pinned down. Of course, they’ll be behind – Genetic Infantry competence die, yet they can’t shun from war.

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Admittedly, complicated sensibilities might’ve dulled Rogue Trooper Redux’s display rather – behind in 2006, some of a set pieces were a top peculiarity AAA action, a high-octane Call of Duty debate of a time. These days, well, they don’t have utterly a same impact – even yet sharpened down foes feels only as good as ever.

And of course, for a initial time ever, Rogue Trooper is creation a approach to a handheld device in a form of a Nintendo Switch version. The diversion here competence run during a reduce framerate than a big-console cousins, yet this is a full game, in a handheld form factor.

Rogue Trooper Redux is a acquire approach to lapse to a classical console shooter – don’t design it to keep adult with complicated shooters, yet this a good approach to get some rested nostalgia. And it’s unstable now, too!

The diversion will launch on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Oct 17th, while Nintendo Switch will have to wait a small more. Also, don’t forget to review a talk with Rebellion’s Rich May.

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