Published On: Wed, Jan 23rd, 2019

Rocket League Introduces Cross-Platform Friends List And Party System Next Month


Earlier this month, Rocket League assimilated a latest trend in gaming by ancillary cross-platform play opposite all vital consoles and PC. The use is impossibly welcome, of course, though a miss of a friends list and customisable matchmaking options left a small to be desired.

At present, players are incidentally matched with or opposite others from any console opposite all online diversion modes. Players have given been anticipating for a some-more Fortnite-like approach, with a Friends List underline that spans opposite all platforms and allows players to collect and select that friends they’d like to partner adult with during any time. This feature, along with lots of other goodies, is only around a corner.

Developer Psyonix has common a Spring 2019 Roadmap for a game, highlighting accurately what players can design to see over a subsequent few months. Here are a pivotal points:

– End of Competitive Season 9 + Rewards!
– Beginning of Competitive Season 10
– All new In-Game Event
– Friends List (previously referred to as RocketID)
– Cross-Platform Party system
– New Crate launch
– New in-game Music


– New Licensed Premium DLC
– Rocket Pass 2 Ends

Naturally, with a game’s ninth deteriorate about to come to a close, and Season 10 now tantalisingly close, players’ efforts are expected focused on snagging those cosmetic rewards. If you’re meddlesome in training some-more about those rewards, feel giveaway to check out Psyonix’s full blog post here.

Do we like a peculiar diversion or dual of Rocket League on your Switch? Are we happy to see a Friends List underline be combined to a game? Let us know in a comments.

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