Published On: Fri, Apr 24th, 2020

Robotics;Notes Double Pack Brings Two Visual Novels To Switch In One Physical Bundle

ROBOTICS;NOTES Double Pack, a gold of dual visible novel games, will be headed to Switch this October.

Available in earthy form – with a collector’s pin badge set included, no reduction – a gold includes both ROBOTICS;NOTES Elite and ROBOTICS;NOTES DaSH. The pin badges will be disdainful to a boxed book and will accept a singular production. Here’s a small some-more info on both games:

In ROBOTICS;NOTES ELITE, play as Kaito Yashio, one of a final dual members of Central Tanegashima High’s Robot Research Club. He kicks behind and relaxes as his counterpart, a forward bar personality Akiho Senomiya, strives to finish their hulk drudge in sequence to keep a bar from being disbanded. But Kaito’s days of decrease finish with a find of a puzzling Kimijima Report. It contains instructions involving locations all opposite a island—and warns of a swindling targeting a whole world.

In ROBOTICS;NOTES DaSH, a island of Tanegashima is scheming for a Summer Festival. Through Nae Tennouji, an familiarity from JAXA, Kaito Yashio is introduced to Itaru Hashida from a STEINS;GATE series. Itaru claims to be holding a debate of a island, though as time goes on, he starts behaving rather strangely… Meanwhile, unsettling incidents start to start all around them; harbingers of an eventuality that will again thrust a universe into chaos.

Robotics Notes DaSHRobotics Notes DaSH

The Double Pack launches on 13th Oct in North America and on 16th Oct in Europe. It’ll be labelled during $59.99 / £49.99.

Two games for a cost of one, then. Even if it is during a aloft finish of a cost scale!

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