Published On: Fri, Apr 29th, 2022

Robinhood to lay off 9% of full-time employees

Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev announced Tuesday that it was laying off 9% of a full-time employees.

Earlier this year, Reuters reported that Robinhood had 3,400 employees, and yet that did not mention full-time contra contract, it looks like this cut might impact some 300 people according to TechCrunch calculations.

The U.S. consumer investing and trade use company, that went open during $38 in Jul 2021, saw a value arise during $85 per share before entering a solid decrease that saw a value erode to a small $10 per share. The association mislaid 3.75% in today’s trade — a marketplace was revoke today, altogether — and another 5% in after-hours trade in light of a layoff announcement.

While Robinhood has reported some certain news in new months — a association saw a value arise 25% in Mar following news that it was fluctuating a equity trade hours toward a idea of ancillary 24-hour-a-day activity — there have also been innumerable struggles during a former unicorn. For example, a association announced a information crack final Nov that influenced millions of a users.

Robinhood’s batch pops 25% on news of extended trade hours

Earlier this month, we reported that both Robinhood and crypto association Coinbase had an advantage of going open when a markets were good, observant they were “lucky that they went open when they did. They got to entrance when marketplace conditions were prohibited and could boyant during appealing levels. What has happened given is out of their control, though as they are repriced daily, they don’t have a huge, illiquid cost tab stapled to their chest that they now have to live adult to in a after IPO.”

In a blog post today, Tenev chronicled a company’s final dual years, describing it as “hyper expansion accelerated by several factors including pestilence lockdowns, low seductiveness rates, and mercantile stimulus.” During that time, he pronounced a seven-year-old association “grew net saved accounts from 5M to 22M and income from ~$278M in 2019 to over $1.8B in 2021. To accommodate patron and marketplace demands, we grew a headcount roughly 6X from 700 to scarcely 3800 in that time period.” This resulted in $6 billion in money on a change sheet, Tenev revealed.

Like any company, with expansion like that comes some-more pursuit openings to conduct that growth, that afterwards finished adult with some roles and pursuit functions that were duplicated, he wrote.

“After delicately deliberation all these factors, we dynamic that creation these reductions to Robinhood’s staff is a right preference to urge efficiency, boost a velocity, and safeguard that we are manageable to a changing needs of a customers,” he added.


Robinhood’s layoff proclamation comes days before a association is approaching to news a Q1 2022 financial performance. Per a company’s IR page, Robinhood will news a first-quarter formula on Apr 28th — a company’s preference to mattock a vast apportionment of a staff could be a approach for it to get forward of financier displeasure if a formula won’t magnitude adult to travel expectations.

Per Yahoo Finance averages, analysts design Robinhood to news a Q1 detriment of $0.36 per share opposite income of $355.78 million.

Robinhood has seen a value erode as a 2020-2021 assets and investing bang that TechCrunch lonesome extensively faded; to a credit, a association was really effective during attracting outmost collateral during a boom. How it will conduct a duration of lesser, or maybe negative, expansion is reduction clear. According to a S-1 filing, Robinhood generated sum revenues of $522.2 million in Q1 2021, definition that if a association manages to compare stream expectations for a many new quarter, it will have warranted a disastrous year-over-year expansion rate.

The value of American consumer crypto trade use Coinbase was also neatly revoke in unchanging trade today, losing some-more belligerent in after-hours turnover. Both Coinbase and Robinhood saw clever expansion from consumer crypto trade activity. If Robinhood is underperforming, it could revoke financier certainty in Coinbase’s possess tentative Q1 results.

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