Published On: Wed, May 24th, 2017

RiME Devs on Switch Technical Challenges, Ideas for a Sequel & Studio Ghibli Influence

Tequila Works, a Spanish studio obliged for games like Deadlight, The Sexy Brutale (alongside Cavalier Studios) and a arriving RiME, is now holding an Ask Me Anything (AMA) event on Reddit.

We’ve highlighted 3 quite notable answers. For instance, a diversion will recover during a after date (Q3 2017) for a Nintendo Switch and many fans have been wondering how that pier is going. Apparently, there’s no means to worry, yet a developers did contend it was a large plea for any group porting a diversion to a Switch.

We’re now compliance a lot of a calm in a diversion to make it some-more suitable for a Switch SKU. So far, we’ve managed to keep a visible impact to a minimum. RiME’s singular art character has done it easier to make this possible, though it’s still a large plea for any growth team.
Our idea is quality, and we have to travel a parsimonious wire between opening and visuals. We consider we have a trail brazen from here, and we’re confident that players will adore being means to take RiME with them when they’re on a go.

Now that we’ve answered those questions, growth is relocating along splendidly. Once we make a small bit some-more progress, we should be gentle raised a recover date and pity that with we (and everybody else)! Thanks for your patience, and we wish to have some-more soon.

Creative Director Raúl Rubio then revealed that Tequila Works already has ideas for a intensity sequel. He also explained a title’s origin.

We have ideas on where to go with a supplement though it’s too shortly for that. We only expelled RiME! They contend an finish is a new beginning..

Because of a poem “Rime of a Ancyent Marinere”. Although subtle, there are ties between it and RiME though we need to play a diversion until a finish to bond a dots… However if we wanted to sound cold we would have called it “RiMEY McRimeFace”.

When a Redditor asked either Tequila Works got shabby by Studio Ghibli’s games, they were happy to endorse it.

YOU BET!!!! All of us are outrageous fans of a work of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli. The depiction of H2O and flow, a wind, a colors of a Adriatic Sea in Porco Rosso, nature… is so moving and charming! It really was an change in RiME.

Check behind tomorrow to find the examination of RiME. Meanwhile, we can review the talk with Tequila Works published a few months ago.

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