Published On: Thu, Apr 9th, 2020

Rhythm Heaven Creator Asks Fans To Show Their Support For A Switch Release

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Alongside a WarioWare games, substantially one of a weirder though strangely addictive array Nintendo has expelled over a years is Rhythm Heaven. While a strange Game Boy Advance pretension was never localised, a west did finish adult receiving a DS supplement followed by Rhythm Heaven Fever on a Wii, and Rhythm Heaven Megamix for a 3DS.

If you’ve been good out for another entrance in this rhythm-based series, you’re going to need to uncover your support. Responding to a summary on Twitter, a array creator and composer Mitsuo “Tsunku” Terada pronounced he would also like to see Rhythm Heaven make a lapse on a Switch, and asked fans to lift their voices “together” in support of a series.

Keep in mind, a new diversion is still a preference for Nintendo to make, though it would be good to see this desirable array lapse during a Switch generation. It seems to have grown some-more of a following than some competence consider in new years – with a gossip behind in 2018 even suggesting that a Chorus Kids could be fasten Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as playable fighters.

Would we like to see a new Rhythm Heaven diversion expelled on a Nintendo Switch? Tell us below.

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