Published On: Mon, Apr 24th, 2017

Revolar, a personal reserve button, can get we out of parsimonious spots

A new hardware/app device called Revolar aims to make it protected to travel a streets. This small symbol will forewarn your friends and family if you’re scared, a authorities if you’re in trouble, and will even copy a phone call if we need to get out of a gummy situation.

It works with iOs and Android and ships in May.

The thought for Revolar came about when co-founder Jacqueline Ros found out her sister had been assaulted for a second time. She afterwards talked her co-founder about her grandmother’s knowledge in Colombia and satisfied she had to do something.

“My co-founder and we are both Latina,” she said. “I started Revolar since people harm my small sister. She started Revolar since her grandmother was kidnapped by guerrillas in Colombia for 8 months. It’s indeed because she immigrated to a US.”

In short, they lived a pain.

The group is already production a units and has lifted $115,000 on Indiegogo for pre-orders. It lasts for one year with a enclosed battery and can also send GPS information when activated. Finally it acts as a guide that can be used to assistance find your keys or purse. A singular section costs $59 and there is no subscription fee.

The device is utterly elementary and utterly unobtrusive. The coolest underline is a feign call complement that rings your phone if you’re stranded in a long, wayward review with a prime tech contributor who wants to tell we all about their latest watch purchase, a Seiko Tuna diver that has a good understanding of story and comes in a singular black and bullion pattern and is surprisingly inexpensive if you… oh, do we need to get that?

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