Published On: Wed, Dec 16th, 2020

Review: Sketchboard Pro for iPad

Review: Sketchboard Pro for iPad

Image Credits: Sketchboard Pro

[text] The Sketchboard Pro is an iPad mount designed for artists. It’s concordant with over 30 sizes of iPad. It retails for $119. There are spots for fixation an Apple Pencil honest or connected to a iPad for charging as good as openings for a camera and energy cable. The iPad fits snugly so a whole aspect is flat. [image: Three views of a Sketchboard Pro from overhead, one empty, one with an iPad being extrinsic as good as a energy cord and one with an iPad in place.]
[text] There are 4 pop-out legs on a behind so a house can mount (with dual legs during a time) during an angle in any direction. The house measures 19.5 x 17 inches (49.5 x 43.2 cm). [image: dual behind views of a Sketchboard Pro, one with legs collapsed and one with legs out.]
[text] The Sketchboard Pro sits during a 20 grade angle and weighs 4.5 lbs (about 2 kg). It can also mount honest like an easel, though we found this position to be reduction stable. [image: side views of a Sketchboard Pro to denote a 20 grade angle]
[text] we tested a Sketchboard Pro with a 12.9” iPad (2019). Combined, they weighed about 5.6 lbs (2.54 kg). we found a house easy to use during a list or table, though some-more unwieldy in infrequent settings such as a couch. [image: illustrations of holding a Sketchboard Pro by a hoop and sitting and drawing]
[text] The Sketchboard Pro is a accessible appendage for artists who work extensively on a iPad. I’d suggest it if you’re looking for a digital sketch setup to impersonate a normal drafting list and anticipating to save your posture. [image: an painting of a Sketchboard Pro]

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