Published On: Mon, Feb 20th, 2017

Reverb App Brings Amazon Alexa to iOS, Android & Mac – Download Now

A giveaway app called Reverb brings Amazon Alexa voice partner to iPhone, iPad, Mac and Android devices. We have all a sum and download links in one place.

Experience Alexa on Your Mobile Device or Mac Without Buying an Amazon Echo Speaker Using Reverb

Although Google and Apple have lonesome their platforms with their possess voice assistants, though Amazon’s Alexa binds a place of her own. Though identical in many areas to Siri and Google Assistant, though one competence wish to cruise Alexa generally when it comes to home automation. Granted, Alexa usually comes baked in a very certain series of devices, and that series is set to enhance as companies are integrating a partner in their possess products, though interjection to Reverb, that limitation is taken down immediately.

Once downloaded and installed, launch a Reverb app, pointer in with your Amazon comment and we are good to go. Click (or tap) and reason on a blue ring to ask Alexa anything we competence desire. If we have an IoT device during home that we control regulating Alexa, you’ll be greatfully to learn that we can trigger them regulating Reverb too. So basically, detached from regulating an Amazon Echo orator that we competence have during home, we can implement your iPhone, iPad, Mac or an Android device to do a same. Pretty swift, if we are seeking me.

Reverb allows we to correlate with Alexa from anywhere. Via Alexa, Reverb answers questions, reports trade and weather, gives info on internal businesses, provides sports scores and schedules, and some-more regulating a Alexa Voice Service.

Reverb now uses Alexa v2, that adds support for timers, alarms, prolonged form audio, audiobooks, and more.

It can also correlate with intelligent inclination that are concordant with Alexa, such as lights, switches, and thermostats concordant Samsung SmartThings, WeMo, Philips Hue, and others.

Alexa is always training new features, and thousands of skills like 1-800-flowers, Animal Sounds, and more

Reverb does not support song due to Alexa doesn’t concede use of Amazon Music in apps. Only hardware implementations are authorised to play Amazon Music.


While reverb works with flattering most anything generally intelligent home devices, though do keep in mind that we won’t be means to play song regulating Amazon Music. Also, if we were formulation to buy yourself an Amazon Echo speaker, afterwards Reverb is a good approach to knowledge Alexa though carrying to toss in your tip dollar during a sell store. Last though not a least, Reverb requires an Internet tie during all times to work, though that it is radically useless.

If we are meddlesome in giving Reverb a try on your device, afterwards daub on a particular links below. Like we mentioned before, it’s positively giveaway to download and use.

  • Download Reverb for iOS
  • Download Reverb for Android
  • Download Reverb for macOS

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