Published On: Sat, Apr 13th, 2019

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@Heavyarms55 The specs for a Pocket and Light are no opposite to a strange GB. They all used a Sharp mutated Zilog 4.1Mhz processor, 8KB of (on-system) RAM and 8KB of Video RAM. Whilst a GameBoy Color is beefier, as it uses a newer Sharp Modified Zilog processor during 8Mhz, 32KB of (on-system) RAM and 16KB of video RAM. Simply put a GameBoy is a genuine era change, while a Pocket and Light were only revisions of a same hardware. The categorical reason to since we can play a strange grey carts on a new hardware is since a design of a systems didn’t change until a GBA came out; and even then, a GBA and SP both had dual processors. The newer 32bit ARM processor during 16.8MHz with a same 8MHz mutated Zilog, found on a GameBoy Color, as a co-processor to capacitate back compatibility. Which was afterwards private in a GameBoy Micro and DS(Lite).

Simply put, Game Boy, Super GameBoy, GameBoy Pocket and GameBoy Light are a partial of one era due to no genuine hardware changes.

The GameBoy Color was a subsequent era with beefier hardware with back compatibility. Even if a design was a same.

The GameBoy Advance, and GBASP, introduced a 32-bit ARM processor for new games, yet had comparison hardware in it along with a new design to be consumer friendly. Because a ARM processor has a totally opposite design compared to a 4.1MHz and 8MHz Zilog processor, it was a reason since we never saw any GBA games that could work on a GameBoy, Pocket, Light and Color. Not only since of a figure of a smaller GBA cartridges, yet since a 32Bit ARM was a totally opposite chip compared to a 8Bit Zilog; it wasn’t only about a pieces either, a instruction set is utterly opposite too, and calculation-wise, a ARM wasn’t only faster, it was many some-more fit too. After all, a Zilog chip during this indicate had existed for over 30 years as it was strange done for mainframe machines in a 70s.

The GameBoy Micro, even yet was a revision, had a comparison design private to make a complement many smaller. Hardware wise, a GameBoy Micro is many opposite of a Advance family due to a dismissal of a Zilog co-processor, yet still hexed a same categorical ARM chip that a GBA has.

…then after that a GameBoy was dropped due a success of a DS. But there were 3 categorical generations of a GameBoy, and this is all about a initial generation, that is GB, Pocket and Light.

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