Published On: Wed, May 20th, 2020

Reminder: The Wonderful 101: Remastered Is Now Available In North America

@mesome713 if we wanted a digital diversion we wouldn’t have saved it in a initial place. The Steam pivotal is a good hold given they didn’t need to do that. As for a Switch key… why? So they would give we a Switch pivotal and cancel your earthy order?
Each Switch pivotal is one reduction sale given everybody is offered their steam keys or gifting them… now suppose a Switch key.
If you’re observant that a diversion would fail, suppose now with sales cut in half by gifting them.

I dont mind waiting. we have tons of games to play and locate adult to.
And they wouldn’t even had a time to gloss it given a pestilence would have ocurred.
Also, is framerate such a large deal? we mean, they updated it and it was during a cutscene.
I’ll gladly scapegoat a bit of fps for such an movement game.

Also we know that they are still and indie company, they are gifted and we dont mind if they make some logistic mistakes as prolonged as they keep delivering strange and fun games, which, in a end, this is what the all about.

They have given me Bayonetta 12, Vanquish, Mad World, Nier Automata, W101, Astral Chain, MGS Revengeance… ruin even Star Fox Zero….with that extraction ohh we gamble I’ll keep ancillary them even if they fail from time to time, that isn’t even that critical to start with.

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