Published On: Thu, Jan 17th, 2019

Reminder: The Wii Shop Channel Closes This Month, Here’s What That Means For You


On 31st January, all online services for a Wii including all functions compared with a Wii Shop Channel will be sealed down. That means we have accurately dual weeks to get all of your Wii-based affairs in order.

Of course, Nintendo has now expelled dual new home consoles given a hugely renouned Wii initial launched behind in 2006, so even if you’ve missed this news in a past, we suppose this won’t come as too most of a shock. Indeed, only a integrate of months ago, it was also reliable that all video streaming services will be dangling – so no some-more Netflix on your Wii, folks.

So what does this all meant for you? Well, it competence be a good thought to set aside a integrate of hours over a subsequent dual weeks to foot adult a good ol’ Wii, checking to see if there’s anything we need to sort.

Redownload your games

The initial thing we’d suggest we do is to check to see if we have any purchased games not now downloaded to a console. Simply go to a Wii Shop Channel and click on ‘Titles You’ve Downloaded’; after 31st January, you’ll no longer be means to redownload any games we had formerly deleted. If you’re unfortunate for space, cruise deletion any video streaming apps like Netflix – as we said, they’ll shortly be invalid anyway.

Spend your Wii Points

The second thing we’d suggest ties in easily to a initial point: make certain to spend any remaining Wii Points. If we occur to have any of a Wii’s practical banking only sitting there in your online account, provide yourself! The income will disappear in dual weeks, so because not get yourself a diversion or two?

Transfer all to your Wii U

Finally, we could also cruise transferring all of your digital games to your Wii U, generally if we still keep your Wii U on arrangement or underneath your TV. Nintendo has supposing a full beam to this process, that we can find right here.

Do we still play on your Wii to this day? Do we have any lustful memories or practice of with a console? Tell us next in a comments.

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