Published On: Wed, Jun 24th, 2020

Reminder: "Big" Pokémon Project To Be Revealed In Pokémon Presents Livestream Tomorrow

The devs wanted to try something opposite this time. The diversion is called Pokeman and we play as pokemon that locate humans. Unfortunately, humans usually have dual attacks, punch and flog and so a fight is kind of tedious though we can yell, so we theory that’s a plus. Also, we have to feed and H2O your humans. The genuine fun of a diversion is… sauce your humans up! we know you’re excited, so let me explain. You have to buy new garments during a mall to outfit your humans and we have all sorts of colors and sizes incase we feed your tellurian too most and they get fat. After we outfit your humans how we like, afterwards it’s Pokémon Fashion Battle time! O.M.G. this is a best partial of a game! You make your humans travel down a uhh line thingy, whatever it’s called and we get scored on opposite things like hairstyle, make-up, not tripping (no drugs authorised in E for Everyone game), poses and outfit umm togetherness. The leader gets a lot of EXP, income and their human’s feel integrity is uhh increased? Anyway, there’s multi-player PVP battles also and we can slap any other though usually in PVP.

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