Published On: Mon, Jun 1st, 2020

Reminder: Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Wedding Season Starts Today

@Heavyarms55 North America is in a northern hemisphere yet your doubt is ideally legit as written, zero wrong with seeking a doubt about your gameplay. Though if you’re in Europe that would be a uncanny approach to ask it. 😅

I didn’t know sharks were in this diversion yet my “large river” tank is empty, wouldn’t mind a fish in there, those 5 stamp locations in front of it were kinda annoying.

@Octane “The usually critical thing is a new bugs and fish.”

You too? we feel like this diversion is good for a initial week each month afterwards it only gets old. I’ll be going to play in a minute, watchful for my tea to steep, it’s my morning ritual.

Though currently I’m also finally profitable off my basement, about 5m in a bank, was watchful on my 250 bell seductiveness payment, whatever meaningless volume it is.

Really don’t caring about marriage photos – yet it is my 20th anniversary after this year – yet AC is a diversion for all forms of gamers and there are substantially a lot of people who will get a flog out of this.

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