Published On: Sat, Apr 11th, 2020

Reminder: Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s Fishing Tourney Starts Today

Animal Crossing FishingAnimal Crossing Fishing

Fishing tournaments have been partial of a Animal Crossing array for a while, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons is no exception.

Today sees a initial fishing tourney to come to a Switch game, with a aim being to offshoot as many fish as we can in 3 minutes. With a eventuality now underway in New Horizons, it’s a ideal time to get your fishing rod prepared and buy a whole garland of fish bait.

Of course, with a Animal Crossing Bunny Day eventuality function concurrently, we should be prepared for some amiable distrurbance as many of a ‘fish’ you’ll offshoot will, in fact, be Water Eggs.

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