Published On: Fri, Apr 10th, 2020

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@ResidentSteve @imgrowinglegs At a time of a cancelation we didn’t have another complement that a diversion was entrance to, so we will acknowledge that we didn’t compensate most courtesy to how to change platforms, not that it would have finished me any good if we had. But when they announced for a Switch we reached out on Twitter and was met with silence, have been each time we try, and, to decider from comments on a Kickstarter page, am not alone. we corroborated a series of other games for a Wii U that canceled for that complement though came to a Switch (or are still in growth for it)–Earthlock, Hollow Knight, Nefarious, Sneaky Ninja–and all of them not usually gave me Switch copies, they had proactively reached out to their Kickstarter backers and offering them, rather than watchful for requests. Hyper Light Drifter is a usually diversion not to make that choice available.

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