Published On: Tue, Jun 12th, 2018

Reid Hoffman to speak ‘blitzscaling’ during Disrupt SF 2018

When it comes to scaling startups, few people are as achieved or consistently successful as Reid Hoffman .

While a rest of us cruise scaling a startup to marketplace mastery a daunting task, Hoffman has continued to make it demeanour easy.

In September, Hoffman will join us during TC Disrupt SF to share his strategies on “blitzscaling,” that also happens to be a pretension of his stirring book.

Hoffman started out his Silicon Valley career during PayPal, portion as EVP and a first house member. In 2003, Hoffman founded LinkedIn from his vital room. LinkedIn now has some-more than 500 million members opposite 200 countries and territories opposite a world, effectively apropos a prerequisite to a veteran marketplace.

Hoffman left LinkedIn in 2007, though his contributions to a association positively helped spin it into a behemoth it is today, going open in 2011 and offered to Microsoft for a whopping $26.2 billion in 2016.

At Disrupt, he’ll outline some of a methodology behind going from startup to scale adult that is summarized in his new book, Blitzscaling, co-authored with Chris Yeh:

Blitzscaling is a specific set of practices for igniting and handling dizzying growth; an accelerated trail to a theatre in a startup’s life-cycle where a many value is created. It prioritizes speed over potency in an sourroundings of uncertainty, and allows a association to go from “startup” to “scaleup” during a mad gait that captures a market.

Drawing on their practice scaling startups into billion-dollar businesses, Hoffman and Yeh offer a horizon for blitzscaling that can be replicated in any segment or industry. Readers will learn how to pattern business models that support lightning-fast growth, navigate required shifts in plan during any turn of scale, and continue a government hurdles that arise as their association grows.

Today, Hoffman leads Greylock Partners’ Discovery Fund, where he invests in seed-stage entrepreneurs and companies. He now serves on a play of Airbnb, Convoy, Edmodo and Microsoft. Hoffman’s place in a VC universe is a healthy delay of his angel investing. His angel portfolio includes companies like Facebook, Flickr,, and Zynga.

Hoffman has also invested in tech that affects certain change, portion on a non-profit play of Biohub, Kiva, Endeavor, and

Blitzscaling outlines Hoffman’s third book (others embody The Startup of You and The Alliance) and we’re positively anxious to have him learn us a thing or dual during Disrupt SF.

Tickets to Disrupt SF are accessible now right here.

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