Published On: Mon, Aug 28th, 2017

ReCore Definitive Edition Full List Of Improvements Revealed

Ten days ago, Microsoft finally reliable that ReCore, a third chairman action-adventure diversion grown by Comcept and Armature Studio, will be expelled once again this month as ReCore Definitive Edition, featuring several improvements. The full list of improvements has finally been done available, and it really goes over what many expected.

Not counting a additional content, ReCore Definitive Edition will deliver a accumulation of enhancements that will make a knowledge some-more enjoyable, such as drastically reduced bucket times, softened map and Fast Travel and more.

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New Adventure

  • “Eye of Obsidian” is a code new section in a ReCore story. Join a heroic Corebot, Violet, and tour into a permanent midnight of a “Starving Sea”, a formerly unexplored segment of Far Eden where ancient enemies tract their punish on a final ruins of humankind!


New Companion

  • T8-NK Corebot (“Tank”)


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New Areas to Explore

  • 2 New Overworlds
  • 10 New Dungeons
  • Dynamic sandstorms in Far Eden’s Shifting Sands regions. Brave a storms to softened some-more dangerous enemies and acquire some-more profitable loot.


New Weapon Modes

  • 3 new arms modes for Joule’s Energy Rifle (switch to these instead of a assign shot)


Load Times

  • When dying, reload times for fight encounters went from 30-60 seconds to 5 seconds
  • Restarting traversals and arenas are now immediate (was a bucket before)
  • Optimized Level/Area Load Times


Prismatic Cores

  • Added P-Cores for additional diversion play rewards and done them uncover adult on a map from larger distances
  • P-Core mandate bound to a singular value for a whole E-Tower. (Once you’re in a E-Tower, we no longer need additional cores.)


The Map

  • The Map displays all that needs to be collected (audio logs, chests, kaleidoscopic cores)
  • The Map shows all visible tools of cave maps
  • Objective Markers improved
  • Map improvements (greater visible detail, softened iconography, softened wizz functionality, some-more diversion elements uncover adult like energy cells, audio logs, etc)



Fast Travel

  • Fast Travel points now concede a actor to finish Stash Transfers, Swap Cores and set their Companion Party Configuration but carrying to go behind to a Sandcrawler
  • The actor can now diverge anywhere there is a Fast Travel node around a Map
  • Intra-Level (e.g. within The Cradle) quick transport warping is now instantaneous
  • Added a few new Fast Travel nodes (Granite Steps, Lonely Basin, The Cradle)



  • All new AoK rigging for all Corebots
  • Armor stats now make any Set vastly opposite from one another a Perks have been polished and polished
  • Blueprint Inventory now sorts by Armor Type, Color and LVL requirement



  • Improved a Combo Meter to inspire most aloft combo amounts, with a ability to sequence combos for a longer duration of time.
  • At high combos (more than x10), a actor now keeps some of a combo scale after regulating an extract!
  • Global arms tuning, rivalry health and repairs balancing, and late diversion confront improvements



  • Enhanced visuals (increased fortitude and HDR support)
  • 20 New Achievements and 500 gamerscore.
  • Increased turn top from 30 to 40
  • 4 new bosses and Tank challenges
  • Various UX and Feedback fixes (Core Pulling HUD, Combo Counter feedback wordsmithing, menu navigation)
  • Audio for pickups, fight feedback, rewards improved
  • Dialogue from Corebots and Violet is no longer in a Corebot denunciation and is now readable

ReCore Definitive Edition launches tomorrow on PC and Xbox One. All those who purchased a strange recover will accept a Definitive Edition improvements in a giveaway update.

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