Published On: Fri, Jan 25th, 2019

Real-Time Strategy Hit Swords & Soldiers Has Just Surprise-Launched On Nintendo Switch

Swords Soldiers is accessible on Nintendo Switch. That’s right – not “coming soon” or “planned to recover on so-and-so” – we can go forward and download it right now.

If we haven’t seen this one before, a diversion has players scheming for fight on side-scrolling battlefields. You need to build your army before enchanting in a tug-of-war for bullion and energy, defeating your annoying foes along a way. Four opposite factions are accessible to play as – a Vikings, Aztecs, Chinese, and Chief Meat’s army – and any has a possess differences for we to try and utilize in battle.

We called a diversion “an essential download” when it arrived on WiiWare around a decade ago, and it was still only as beguiling several years after on Wii U. The Switch chronicle is pronounced to be an “improved” book of a game, too, including that imagination single-screen multiplayer underline shown off towards a finish of a trailer. Here are some some-more details:

– Hilariously playable 2D action-strategy
– Includes a Super Saucy Sausage Fest enlargement as giveaway DLC
– Tons of crazy units, including berserkers, hulk boulders and ninja monkeys (yes, ninja monkeys!)
– 4 singular factions with their possess singleplayer campaigns
– Go head-to-head with a crony on a singular split-screen hold screen
– 29 wily Achievements

The game’s customary cost is $7.49 / €7.49, though we can indeed squeeze it for $4.94 / €4.94 for a “first few weeks” on sale. If that’s not enough, developer Ronimo Games has also suggested that Swords Soldiers II Shawarmageddon will launch on Switch on 1st March. Blimey.

Are we a Swords Soldiers fan? Are we fast loading adult a Switch eShop to download it as we speak? Let us know in a comments.

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