Published On: Fri, Mar 10th, 2017

Ready for Weekend Testing? Windows 10 Creators Update 15055 Out for PC and Mobile

Following a recover of Windows 10 Mobile build 15051 to Insiders in a Fast Ring, Microsoft is now rolling out Windows 10 Creators Update Insider Preview build 15055. Today’s recover is another teenager build, bringing a series of bug fixes and improvements to several features, including Microsoft Edge and Cortana.

Reports yesterday suggested that Microsoft is finalizing Windows 10 Creators Update with a open recover approaching on Apr 11. The association is approaching to sign-off Creators Update someday subsequent week. Following April’s release, a Redmond program builder will start releasing Windows 10 Redstone 3 Insider Preview builds to a Fast ring, with some vital facilities expected.

Here are a fixes and changes that are entrance with today’s Windows 10 Creators Update Insider Preview build 15055 for PC Insiders in a Fast ring. Windows 10 Creators Update Insider build 15055 also fixes some of a many determined issues, including a issues with anti-virus programs, and designation problems.

  • If we have Symantec/Norton anti-virus program commissioned on your PC, we should no longer get an 0x80070228 blunder when attempting to download this build. Symantec expelled updated anti-virus definitions final week that fixes this issue. Please make certain your Symantec/Norton anti-virus program has a many present anti-virus definitions BEFORE taking perplexing to implement today’s build.
  • PCs should no longer destroy to refurbish to this build during 71% and roll-back to a prior build.
  • If we have additional denunciation packs installed, this build should implement only fine.
  • We bound an emanate where infrequently a context menu when right-clicking a misspelled word in Microsoft Edge would launch in an astonishing place or underneath a Edge window.
  • When regulating “Cast media to device” in Microsoft Edge, it will now open a Connect mirror (also seen when regulating Win + K).
  • We bound an emanate from new builds where Microsoft Edge competence immediately uncover a “Not responding” state after opening a couple or pasting a URL in a new tab.
  • We bound an emanate where infrequently a add-on mouse-over outline tooltips in Microsoft Edge would stay on a shade even after shutting a applicable tab.
  • We bound an emanate that could outcome in Microsoft Edge suddenly attempting to download certain webpages rather than navigating to them when the uBlock Origin extension was enabled.
  • We bound an emanate where it wasn’t probable to use hold to set concentration to calm boxes in Microsoft Edge’s Web Notes in sequence to enter text.
  • We bound an emanate where, after regulating Ctrl + W to tighten mixed tabs in Microsoft Edge during once, a active add-on competence remove concentration and keyboard shortcuts would stop operative until relocating concentration divided from and behind to a tab.
  • We bound an emanate recently where if we have comparison calm in Microsoft Edge, changed concentration divided from a window, afterwards returned concentration regulating Alt + Tab or a mouse, perplexing to duplicate a comparison calm wouldn’t work. We also bound a new emanate where if we used Ctrl + C to duplicate comparison calm in a Edge URL bar, and afterwards Ctrl + Shift + P to open a new InPrivate window or Ctrl + N to open a new unchanging window, regulating Ctrl + V to pulp a copied URL into a new window’s residence bar wouldn’t work.
  • We bound an emanate for Insiders where, if concentration was set to a Microsoft Edge window, touchpad and keyboard submit competence intermittently stop operative for a few seconds during a time.
  • We bound an emanate for Insiders with mixed monitors ensuing in flickering and digest issues when a Hub symbol in Microsoft Edge was pressed.
  • We bound an emanate where Insiders with mixed monitors competence find one of their monitors would stop digest (with a difference of a mouse).
  • We bound an emanate ensuing in Microsoft Groove infrequently no longer digest rightly after gnawing a app to one side of a guard and changing a size.
  • We bound an emanate from new flights ensuing in a taskbar removing into a state where many of a thumbnail previews would be suddenly blank.
  • We bound an emanate for certain USB-powered monitors where a taskbar time would infrequently stop digest for a few mins (seemingly stuck, though would modernise on mouse-over).
  • We bound an emanate where a battery flyout would pile-up a second time a battery idol in a taskbar was clicked.
  • We bound an emanate from new flights ensuing in OneDrive.exe suddenly infrequently using with a high percent CPU for a prolonged time.
  • We bound an emanate that Insiders competence have gifted ensuing in pulp not operative if a copied calm was from a UWP app that was now suspended.
  • We bound an emanate where certain inclination were suddenly not being detected when acid for accessible pairings to supplement in Bluetooth Other Devices Settings.
  • We bound an emanate where for those with certain printers, clicking on “More settings” in a UWP app imitation dialog would outcome in a imitation dialog hanging.
  • We bound a new emanate where many of a modernized settings dialogs, such as a one seen when acid for motorist updates, were grey or had grey components instead of a approaching white.
  • We bound an emanate ensuing in Windows Defender Antivirus notifications not opening Windows Defender Security Center when clicked.
  • We bound an emanate ensuing in a Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library blunder dialog citing a TabTip.exe runtime blunder suddenly appearing on a login shade for some Insiders.

Changes, improvements, and fixes for Windows 10 Creators Update Insider build 15055 for Mobile

  • We bound an emanate from new flights where a volume control competence stop operative when listening to song in Groove after an endpoint change (for instance plugging in headphones).
  • We’ve softened debate trustworthiness by regulating a bug where Cortana was suddenly unwell with a tie error.
  • We bound an emanate where multi-turn Cortana debate interactions weren’t operative (for example, when formulating a sign in mixed parts, as against to doing it in a singular sentence).

For famous issues in PC and Mobile, greatfully revisit a proclamation page.

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