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Read how Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google devise to urge themselves to Congress

With their vast day before lawmakers usually around a corner, previews of Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple’s opening statements are now accessible on a House Judiciary Committee’s site. On Wednesday, a CEOs of any association will seem in an scarcely executive-packed Congressional conference focused on antitrust concerns over a business practices.

While a opening statements are usually a glance of a hearing’s intensity topics, they do yield a useful outline for a plan any association will use to deflect off accusations that their businesses have grown on such an huge scale due to anticompetitive behavior. In new hearings, tech executives have mostly managed to hang to safe, well-rehearsed lines, so if any moments deviating from these scripts those will approaching be a many engaging or useful pieces of testimony.

In their opening statements, a arch executives of any association make some identical arguments — for example, all 4 explain that their companies, notwithstanding their distance and power, still face heated competition, generally in tellurian markets. Amazon and Apple also disagree that their ecosystems have combined millions of pursuit for third-party businesses that use their platforms.

But a CEOs also take somewhat opposite approaches to how they benefaction their opening statements. Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s arch executive officer, and Sundar Pichai, a CEO of Alphabet and Google, go into their personal backgrounds. Meanwhile, both Apple CEO Tim Cook and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg make an interest to U.S. patriotism. In their particular statements, Cook calls Apple an “uniquely American company” and Zuckerberg declares Facebook a “proudly American company.”

Amazon plays adult pursuit creation

Though Amazon is a largest online tradesman in America, Bezos will disagree that it is a tiny actor in a tellurian sell market, with Amazon accounting for “less than 1% of a $25 trillion tellurian sell marketplace and reduction than 4% of sell in a U.S.” Among domestic competitors, Bezos focuses on Walmart, saying that it is “a association some-more than twice Amazon’s size,” and also names newer competitors like Shopify and Instacart.

Bezos also dwells on a tiny and medium-sized retailers that sell products on Amazon’s platform, estimating that third-party businesses on Amazon have combined over 2.2 million new jobs around a world.

Facebook goes all-in on America vs. China

Zuckerberg also argues that Facebook still faces heated competition, generally in other countries. Though Zuckerberg doesn’t anxiety any specific association or app, he calls out foe from a Chinese tech industry, revelation lawmakers that “China is building a possess chronicle of a internet focused on on really opposite ideas, and they are exporting their prophesy to other countries.”

While Facebook has been criticized for appropriation companies like Instagram and WhatsApp, Zuckerberg says that those services softened underneath his company’s ownership.

Google names a competitors

Even yet Google Search is a widespread hunt engine in a U.S., Pichai will explain that his association is confronting down a vast register of rivals, including services that aren’t privately hunt engines. For example, he cites Amazon’s Alexa, Twitter, WhatsApp, SnapChat, and Pinterest as choice sources of information and says consumers spin to e-commerce sites like Amazon, eBay and Walmart for information about products.

Google’s ad business is also approaching to be in a spotlight during a hearings. Pichai argues that advertisers have “an huge volume of choice” for platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Comcast and others, that means promotion costs have lowered by 40% over a final decade.

Apple points to smartphone competition

Cook says that a “smartphone marketplace is fiercely competitive,” with rivals like Samsung, LG, Huawei and Google, and that all of Apple’s product categories, including a iPhone, do not have a widespread marketplace share in any of a markets where it does business.

Like Bezos, Cook’s matter also argues that Apple’s ecosystem has helped emanate jobs. He says that a App Store now hosting some-more than 1.7 million apps, usually 60 of that were grown by Apple, and “more than 1.9 million American jobs in all 50 states are attributable to Apple.”

The vast tech conference with a House Judiciary’s Antitrust Subcommittee will start Wednesday during 12PM ET and we’ll be following along over a march of a day so check behind for coverage of a many notable moments. For reference, a full opening statements can be found below.

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