Published On: Tue, Mar 3rd, 2020

Ratalaika Games Teases "Surprise" For Switch In Upcoming Nintendo Direct-Style Presentation

Ratalaika Games Visual Novel TeaseRatalaika Games

Indie developer and publisher Ratalaika Games has teased several new announcements and a “surprise” set to seem in a Nintendo Direct-style display this week.

The studio will be hosting a video showcase on a YouTube channel tomorrow, 4th Mar during 7am PST, display off a preference of indie visible novels that are entrance to consoles for a initial time. A press recover detailing a display leads with a line, “Ratalaika Games Indie VN Showcase entrance DIRECTLY to we Mar 4th”, so it’s flattering transparent that format it hopes to obey on a day.

The uncover will underline “several new announcements and even a warn for a Nintendo Switch, Sony PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Microsoft Xbox One systems”. Adrian Vega, a studio’s CEO, has common a following statement:

“We are vehement to share a destiny skeleton with we all after this week! After a good accepting of a console pier of One Night Stand, we wanted to continue bringing some-more singular visible novels to consoles! We consider that a far-reaching choice will support to visible novel fans of all genres! This plan has been a prolonged time coming, and we are really vehement to share it with we Wednesday.”

Ratalaika Games has brought some-more games to Switch than we can count over a past integrate of years, so it’s most unfit to theory that titles competence make a burst next. If you’re into your visible novels, though, it competence be value gripping an eye out for that presentation.

Are we a penetrating visible novel fan? Excited to see that games of a genre are headed to Switch next? Let us know with a comment.

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