Published On: Wed, May 13th, 2020

Random: Yep, You Can Now Dress Your Cat Like Animal Crossing’s Tom Nook

Tom Nook Cat CostumeTom Nook Cat Costume© RoleCosplay

This is 2020. Of course we can buy unaccepted Tom Nook cosplay for your cat.

As we all know by now, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has good and truly taken a universe by storm. If something manages to sell some-more than 13 million copies and generates a kind of hum that New Horizons has, it’ll locate a courtesy of companies wanting to money in, and that’s accurately a conditions we find ourselves in here.

For only $14.99, we can collect adult your really possess ‘Animal Crossing Tom Nook Shirt T-shirt Cat Costume Hood Cosplay Costume’ (try observant that 5 times fast) and if that lead picture above is anything to by, your poetic flint round substantially won’t appreciate we for it. In fact, there’s a whole gallery of cats “enjoying” their new gifts below.

You can find them during RoleCosplay if you’re interested, though be warned that they aren’t strictly protected products from Nintendo.

Perhaps we competence be improved off simply promulgation new garments to your animal friends in-game?

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