Published On: Sun, Dec 15th, 2019

Random: Xbox Series X? That’s Just A Tall GameCube, The Twitter Masses Say

I’m certain there’s a reason for feverishness abolition and whatever, though putting that front container nearby a bottom, behind where you’ll be putting all of a boxes, your controller, your headphones, your whatever, is like a many unreal place they could have imagined.

It’s like they all sat around and had this conversation:
Designers – Where should we put a front slot?
HQ – How about underneath a bottom so nobody wants to put in a front and they all go digital, saving us money?
D- Well, um, ok, though people competence not see it and consider it’s SAD again.
HQ – OK, good point, how about on a back?
D – Yeah, again, about not saying it…
HQ – Huh, what? OK, yeah we got ya.
D – So…?
HQ – What? Oh yeah right, where to put a slot.
D – do do do do, do do dum, do, duh do do do, do do dum
HQ – OK, put it where people can see it, though nearby a bottom behind all their things so they can’t put discs in and pointer adult for Game Pass.
D- Sure, because not.

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