Published On: Fri, May 15th, 2020

Random: What’s Up With That Metroid Reference In The Paper Mario Trailer?

Paper Mario The Origami KingPaper Mario The Origami King

The exhibit of Paper Mario: The Origami King for Nintendo Switch has clearly combined weight to those Mar rumours about a Super Mario remasters. If we go behind even serve to a start of this year, though, we ran a story about a “prolific” leaker Sabi – who pronounced there would be a Paper Mario diversion expelled this year along with a 2D Metroid title.

Well, partial of this story we tagged as a gossip during a time, is now apparently true. So what about Metroid? If you’ve watched a trailer for The Origami King and hang around until a unequivocally end, you’ll see a humorous small anxiety to a protagonist, Samus. It’s rather peculiar to see another Nintendo array during a unequivocally finish of an proclamation trailer – generally after that gossip during a start of a year mentioning both, so what’s going on?

Well, nobody is unequivocally certain if this is only a humorous fun Nintendo motionless to supplement to a finish of a trailer for a new Paper Mario game, or something more. As usual, it’s sent Nintendo fans on amicable media into a finish frenzy – with many comments creation anxiety to a gossip about a new 2D Metroid game.

It could also be a anxiety to Metroid Prime 4 or a fact Kensuke Tanabe is a writer of both of these array (thanks, @g8rmwr). There’s been ongoing rumours and listings for a re-release of a Metroid Prime Trilogy for Nintendo Switch as good – could it maybe be a pointer that this is on a way? What do we think? Is this only a humorous finish method or something else? Share your thoughts below.

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