Published On: Thu, Jan 17th, 2019

Random: What Ever Happened To The Queen’s Golden Wii?


Just underneath a decade ago, publisher THQ expelled Big Family Games, a Wii pretension that hoped to follow in a famous footsteps of Wii Sports with a possess family-friendly, suit control minigames. If we haven’t listened of it before, that’s expected given it never reached those high levels of success, though there’s a rather laughable PR attempt story to be told surrounding it anyway.

To hint media seductiveness in a game, THQ presumably sent a golden Wii console to Elizabeth II, a Queen of a United Kingdom, so that she could suffer flinging digital horseshoes during chickens in her gangling time. Since then, a locale of this special Wii has been mostly different – generally given we can’t only send any aged object to a Queen – so where is it now?

Amazingly, one male has indeed set out to lane it down, even if that means drifting around a creation to do so. That male is Chris Bratt, horde of People Make Games and ex-video writer for a good folk during Eurogamer, and he’s combined this ace small video next display his discoveries. If you’re a fan of impossibly pointless Nintendo trivia, this one’s for you:

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