Published On: Tue, Jan 15th, 2019

Random: Tokyo’s Unofficial Mario Kart Service Really Wants You To Know It’s "Unrelated To Nintendo"

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Nintendo competence have won a lawsuit opposite Tokyo’s Mari Mobility association – before famous as MariCar – yet somehow a go-kart business continues to punch back. Even yet a association was compulsory to compensate 10 million yen (roughly USD$88,000) in indemnification final year and immediately stop wearing Mario-themed outfits, it’s now managed to take a clearly passive-aggressive appropriate during Nintendo by plaque bombing a tiny motorised vehicles with new graphics.

As recently publicised over on SoraNews24, a go-karts are now lonesome in stickers reading “Unrelated to Nintendo” and are manifest from any angle of a vehicle. There are about 15 of these stickers on any one. With so many stickers on display, a source records how it’s tough to tell if this is a genuine try by a association to stretch itself from Nintendo or not. At a really least, it seems drivers are no longer sauce adult as Nintendo characters. See for yourself below:

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@Third68087536© @Third68087536

One Japanese Mario Kart fan saw a notice on a karts and motionless to reconstruct it in a Mario Kart DS button maker:

Can we trust it’s come to this? Tell us below.

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