Published On: Tue, Apr 16th, 2019

Random: This GameCube Logo Storage Unit Is One Of The Best Things We’ve Ever Seen


If you’re spending your profitable time reading this site, you’re substantially flattering penetrating on those video diversion thingies. And if we like games, we substantially have a collection of cartridges, discs and consoles backing several shelves or cabinets in your home. What we (almost) positively don’t have, though, is this amazing GameCube trademark storage section to put them all in.

Shared by a folks during ExtremeConsoles, this is a tradition done storage resolution formed on a classical ‘G’ GameCube logo. In reality, it’s not a many unsentimental of storage units and really takes adult approach some-more space than necessary, though so what? Have we seen a thing?

Of course, a problem with saying something like this is that remarkable need to possess one. We’re already formulation where a really possess GameCube section will go in a Nintendo Life bureau (we don’t need computers anyway, right?) and we suppose we’ve caused a identical emanate for copiousness of we reading this. Sorry.

Would we like something like this? Perhaps a shelving section in a figure of a Switch, identical to a outrageous Switch TV arrangement we common recently? Tell us below.

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