Published On: Thu, Mar 19th, 2020

Random: This Free Android App Transforms Your Smartphone Into A Switch Joy-Con

Joy Con Android AppJoy Con Android App

If you’ve got a Joy-Con that’s drifting, you’ve mislaid one, or we need a few more, there’s a new smartphone app that’s here to solve all of your controller-related problems on a Nintendo Switch. It’s called Joy-Con Droid by DeepBlue Labs and is now in a alpha contrast proviso on Android devices. In fact, if we wish to try it out, we can download it for giveaway right now from a Google Play Store.

While it’s still in a early stages of development, and apparently “needs some work” according to utterly a few user reviews over on a Google Play Store, we can see it being put to use in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild, in a video below:

According to a description, a app is able of transforming your smartphone device into a left or right Joy-Con, or a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. Its facilities embody a following: span with a Switch, accelerometer and gyroscope support, and tradition gamepad interfaces. Users can also bond a USB gamepad to their phone, that afterwards acts as a overpass to control a Switch.

In sequence to operate, this focus requires a Bluetooth HID Profile and Android Pie (9) or higher. Here’s a bit some-more from a creator DeepBlue Labs:

JoyCon Droid is an focus ideal for users who possess a Switch though do not wish to spend additional on a JoyCon. The focus emulates a Switch JoyCon so we can control your Switch with it. Furthermore, a focus lets we bond your USB gamepad to your phone, that can act as a overpass to control a Switch.

To find out some-more information about this app, revisit a Google Play page. Would we use something like this? Tell us below.

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