Published On: Thu, Mar 14th, 2019

Random: The Wii’s Mii Channel Theme Music Lives On In The Form Of Freestyle


The Wii was home to some implausible small tunes; not usually did we have a illusory Wii Shop Channel thesis (which truly perceived a regard it deserved progressing this year when a channel sealed down for good), though we also had a equally poetic Mii Channel theme.

We vividly remember a initial day with a Wii, excitedly formulating Mii characters for hours on finish before we even got stranded into any games, and a Mii Channel’s strain will never destroy to move a grin to a faces. We’re not alone in this either, as proven by this opening by James Marron.

Called ‘Wii Freestyle’, a square was innate out of pristine adore for a Wii’s composed soundtrack. Marron tells us, “I did this lil’ freestyle since we always desired a Wii thesis song. It reminds me a lot of good memories when we used to play to Wii Sports and Mario Party!” If you’re going to freestyle over anything, this is absolutely a approach to go, and a whole thing seems to be going down flattering good among fans on Instagram.

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