Published On: Thu, Apr 18th, 2019

Random: The Switch Won’t Let You Download More Than 64 Games In One Go, Apparently

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Unless we occur to be some kind of vast shot with some-more income fibbing around than a ten-year-old Animal Crossing save file, you’ve substantially never realised that a Switch indeed has a extent on how many games can be downloaded during a same time.

Apparently, if we try to download some-more than 64 games during any one time, a Switch will uncover an blunder shade and exclude to download some-more until others have completed. To be some-more precise, this extent relates to only a downloading of games (as distant as we can tell) and doesn’t describe to purchases, definition that it’s indeed probable to event opposite this fact by redownloading all of your already-purchased games in one go.

In all honesty, we had no thought that this extent was even in place, though Reddit user, u/NMe84, has common a story demonstrating how a weird conditions came about.

My SD label was full so we systematic a new one. Sadly we didn’t have a label reader fibbing around to duplicate my games to a new label so we figured “what a heck, I’ll only download my games again.” Big mistake, as that meant carrying to open each particular diversion and tell it to redownload. The new 8.0 underline wasn’t most better, sadly.

Anyway, once we attempted to get my 65th diversion to start downloading we got a blunder in a screenshot. There is apparently a tough extent of 64 games that we can reserve for download during any given time.

Error Codeu/NMe84

According to Nintendo, a infancy of blunder codes commencement with ‘2137’ are associated to download issues, though specific sum are frequency given for a accurate cause. Either way, as u/NMe84 records in serve comments, any Switch owners with vast diversion libraries will substantially wish to send games from one SD label to another with a label reader, rather than perplexing to redownload all during once.

So, there we have it. Now we can stir your friends with an impossibly problematic Nintendo Switch fact. Never contend we don’t do anything for you!

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