Published On: Tue, Jun 23rd, 2020

Random: The Smash Bros. ARMS Presentation Gave Us A Better Look At Sakurai’s Insane Gaming Setup

Sakurai's houseSakurai's house

Today’s Smash Bros. Ultimate display didn’t only uncover us that ARMS impression is entrance to a diversion – it also gave us a good glance during Masahiro Sakurai’s definitely extraordinary home gaming setup.

Back in 2019, Sakurai spoke about his incredible console collection and dual-screen gaming supply in his unchanging Famitsu column, and mentioned that he has 60 opposite controllers, 4 Switch consoles and 6 PS4 and PS3 consoles – and that he unsurprisingly finds it formidable to conduct all of that hardware.

Since 2019, a conditions doesn’t seem to have improved. It seems that he’s combined even some-more consoles to a mix, such as a garland of micro-consoles that includes a glossy new PC Engine Mini.

Amazingly, that’s only his ‘main’ setup – he has a second home that is closer to work and that also has dual TV sets and a garland of other consoles. He uses a setup shown above during a weekends when he’s during his categorical house.

Some people get all a luck, right?

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